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Mailed Barcodes

We will mail your barcode labels to you after you finish your batch(es) for a $4 fee. Deadline is July 2th.

Drop N Go

This is for consignors who donate all items and let all items go half off. This is a free service. All items will need to be barcoded beforehand and sorted by gender and size. Shoes must be hanging.

Consignor Drop Off Appointments (In Store)

We require all consignors to have an appt to drop off items. This link if for consignors who will come inside the store to get their items inspected.

Curbside Drop Off

This is for our consignors who want to drop off their items curbside. There is a $10 fee. All items need to be sorted by gender and size before you enter them into the database. All items need to have barcode labels already applied.

Consignor Pick Up - Appointments are required to pick up unsold items on Sunday, July 28.